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What will Happen to Cloud Computing in 2013?

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Cloud computing has been the craze of the Internet industry for years now. Businesses have been migrating their data to cloud since early 2000. In this article, we will discuss on the top 3 predictions and assumptions about cloud computing…

20+ Free Responsive Themes Collection

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On our post, we showed you some free Responsive Design Frameworks that you can use on your site. If you’re not the geek type and afraid of messing with codes, you can use some free responsive themes out there. The…

20 Responsive Design Frameworks

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Since last year (2011), theme makers are starting to use Responsive Design as one of their theme features. If you have no idea what is Responsive Design, I’ll explain it simply. It’s one way of showing your website on different…

20+ jQuery Slider Plugins Collection

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Sliders are getting more popular now on themes, and who doesn’t like it? Sliders are attention grabbing that will keep your visitors engaged. Another thing you can do is use the jQuery slider to display portfolio or products so readers…

Collection of High PR Commentluv Blogs

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Having a website is the start of your journey, keeping it up and running is where the hardwork, sweat and tears would show. One way of making it a little lighters and better is to be friendly to other bloggers…

Free SEO Tools You Never Knew Exist

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We often buy tools from different sellers believing it will do the job, as far as SEO is concerned this tools are a must if we wanted to gain the SERP lead and make some profit. As I don’t usually…

The Most Popular Pins on Pinterest

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Been browsing Pinterest again after such a long time, and I noticed that there are more people engaging and pinning different images. Mostly are female photos, food, people and fail photo which I really like. 🙂 After spending sometime, I…

Learn How to Index Your Site Fast by Google

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So you created a unique and wonderful blog post that took you 8hours to finished, you hit publish and then wait..After 3 days no one has visited your post nor commented on it. Wonder what went wrong? Your post hasn’t…

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