How to Change your Windows VPS Server Password

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Today we will go through changing your Windows VPS Server Administrator Password, this is required to add security to your VPS and avoid anyone getting access from it. I’ll have to warn you though, you should be very careful messing with password change. Any un-recover password, you should contact your VPS Server Provider.

I will use Host-Stage as example, I am very happy with the services they provide and really they are cheap! You should check their prices. For every lost password, they also charge $10 I think, so be careful.

The tutorial is really easy, head to your Windows VPS Desktop > Start > Control Panel.


Once you are in the Control Panel > Head to User Accounts


Click on Change Your Windows Password


A new window will appear, where you shall select Change Your Password, DO NOT remove your password as this will result in security breach on your Server.


You can now enter your password properly, make sure you put it onto notepad first so you won’t loose it. You can add a hint if you are forgetful or save it into a notepad.

What I do is get a password generator like LastPass or a generator online and use it for a secured password.


After that, click on the change password button and your password is now changed 🙂 Really easy eh?

Having a Windows VPS Server password changing is another level of security that we should practice, I usually set a 1 month password change and save it on my notepad and lastpass.

What about yours? How do you save your password and what other tricks you know? Share them in the comments below!

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