How Secure is your Windows VPS Server?

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The internet is such a massive place that you cannot trust anyone when it comes to security. Recent cases of Windows VPS Server hacking have been taking place and this is the main reason we should be aware of the consequences we need to face in order to avoid getting our VPS Server hacked.

Today, we will share some tips on how to make sure your Windows VPS Server Secured and how to maximize it’s performance and leave no trace for hackers to gain access inside and out.

Tips to secure your Windows VPS Server:


Lockout Policy Setup

– Windows based server is not protected from brute force attack by default. This means that hacker can create thousands of RDP-connections, using different usernames and passwords with the goal to find a correct one. That is why it is useful to setup lockout policy which provides temporary blocking of a user after several failed attempts. To enable this, go to Start – Run – secpol.msc – Security Settings – Account Policies – Account Lockout Policy.

Disconnect FTP

– If you or any applications do not require permanently working FTP, disconnect it right away. It is also advised to allow access only for your own IP or to set your vserver to blind-put mode. ‘Blind-put’ is a server which allows an access only for writing.  Check the checkbox ‘write’ and uncheck ‘read’ in the FTP-server settings.

Instead of using FTP, use dropbox instead. It’s much faster and will save you a ton of time managing the files from one vps server to another. Just install it and wait for the files to load on your VPS.

Strong Password Protection

– Many newbies uses a simple combination as their passwords. Note that simple password can easily be cracked with special program. Regardless of password complexity, never use one and the same password wherever you need it. Use lastpass password generator or other password generator online, this will help the randomness of the password. Just save it in the notepad or in your Google Drive.

Setup Firewall

– A firewall is developed to provide undesirable access protection to your VP-server through traffic control. This is one of the ultimate safety principles that can improve your server protection considerably. It is advisable to setup firewall on your windows vps server and to deny all the default policies enabling only indispensable ones.

VPS Server security should be our number one priority since this is where are sites / Tools / Scripts are being kept, we should be aware of the possibilities of hacking and make sure we are protected. If you are unsure about your Server, contact your provider and let them know your concerns.

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