How To Manage A Windows VPS with Host-Stage VPS Server

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If you own a website, and you wanted to use several SEO Tools for automation purposes, chances are you will be looking for a Windows VPS Server. There are thousands of them in the market today, and managing one is the most important part so you can work with your VPS Remotely.

I am using Host-Stage as one of my Windows VPS Server, the thing that got me with Host-Stage is that their prices are actually cheap, they have a good reputation on BHW and their services are pretty good. I use the $12 plan, is it pretty cheap! You should check them out!

Here’s how I pretty much manage my own VPS Server, this is really easy and I’ll share you some tips below so you can still work while you are not infront of your PC.

Managing A Windows VPS Server

First you need to be able to access it by Remote Desk Connection or RDC, you’ll receive it in the email after you order from them.

How To Manage A Windows VPS with Host-Stage VPS Server

Next is to go to your Desktop > Start and I’ll just search Remote Connection.

How To Manage A Windows VPS with Host-Stage VPS Server

Now enter the info from the email that you received earlier. Enter the IP address, username (administrator by default) and password. Hit Connect and wait for the remote VPS to connect you to your machine.

How To Manage A Windows VPS with Host-Stage VPS Server

Once you are logged in, you’ll notice a desktop same as yours (I hope). Now you can install your SEO Tools, or automation scripts and let them run 24 /7. This is the goodness of a Windows VPS, because you don’t have to shut it down. You can run it as long as you want and you never have to baby sit it (depending on the tools you use)

How To Manage A Windows VPS with Host-Stage VPS Server

Now, if you are traveling and no access to your PC at home and wanted to check out your VPS or tools that is running, you can use your mobile phone. It’s really cool to manage it using your phone, I am also amazed by it!

Manage your VPS Server using your Phone

First, download the 2X Remote Desktop Client and install it to your android phone (iphone is supported as well).


After the installation, a prompt to enter a VPS Server. Enter your login details as well as the following:

  1. Alias which is allowing you to customize the name of your VPS
  2. Server where you would need to type the IP address provided in the email you have received at sign up
  3. Port which you would have to leave as default (3389)
  4. User Name which is Administrator for the Windows VPS
  5. Password which has been also provided in the email you received

Other Settings will likely to depend on the speed of the wifi you are connected, I rarely encounter this because I use data whenever I connect to my vps server.

Lastly, click on the app menu and hit save after you successfully entered the login details. After that, just hit connect and you can do your work on your server while on the road 🙂

There are things that you need to consider, the speed of your Windows VPS Server. Your Wifi speed, and your mobile processor too. If you have the smallest Host-Stage VPS Server Package like I do, it will be slow since Windows OS consumes 300MB of HDD and it runs on a 512MB memory, I suggest that you go higher on memory depending on your usage.

If you have other tips, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below and we will surely add it on the post!


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