The Real Benefits of Using Windows SSD VPS Server

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If you’re a VPS user like me, chances are you are looking for alternative way to maximize your tools / scripts on your Windows VPS Server. I am too looking for other ways, upgrading my current plan is not of one of them. Since I believe that there is far better than a $100 VPS Server plan, so my search began.

The Real Benefits of Using Windows SSD VPS Server

I found out that PowerUp Hosting just released their Windows SSD VPS, so I shoot an email to their support asking what makes this SSD VPS better than the usual Windows VPS. They did answer me after a couple of hours and explained to me why it is better like better speed for HDD, lower IO usage and more power for Tools.

I did my research on SSD VPS since I really don’t understand much of the from the email that I received. That is the reason I am also sharing it here so you will know what and why you really need a Windows SSD VPS.

 What is SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage device which uses a integrated circuit that assemblies as memory to store data. Before, this was mainly used in military, medical and aeronautical machines. Not until it PC manufacturers includes it into their PC machines as well as web hosting companies to better serve their customers.

Compared to the usual HDD’s, SSD are more expensive. Although the price decline during 2012, it is still expensive than HDD in the same storage units. Some web hosting providers are using this technology to improve their user experience even though they are still expensive.

Generally speaking, the benefits of using SSDs in web hosting fall into 2 aspects: performance and reliability. Here are the details.

300% faster web hosting performance

The Real Benefits of Using Windows SSD VPS ServerPerformance is what webmasters are after, and this is what SSD are designed for. They are much faster than the traditional HDD, present speed that the SSD can do is 6.0 GB/ second.

HDD uses a electromechanical moving parts, this means that every time you open a file or program, the disk needs to spin to locate that information. This process can leads to fragmentation which will result low speed on HDD.

SSD are flash storage devices, no moving parts or disk. Using the cutting-edge non-volatile storage technology, there is no mechanical movement every time you open a file or program. There’s no latency either, SSD can dramatically improve the IO speed hence the loading time and swift performance for your VPS Server / Website. It recorded that SSD are 300 times faster than a regular HDD in terms of response time.

Increased safety and reliability

While storing your data on a HDD server, you are facing a larger risk of losing that data, since we all know that mishandling the HDD can result in damage or corrupted data file. SSD have no moving parts, it is more likely to keep your data safe.

Whenever your old HDD reaches it’s life, it will crash and your data is gone. While on SDD, whenever it reaches it’s life, it doesn’t crash. Instead, it prevents for further writing / storing, but the data is contained and ready for access.

The Real Benefits of Using Windows SSD VPS ServerSSD Server can work in extremely high or low temperatures, most SSD can fully function from -20 to 85 degrees Celsius. Although temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius can shorten the life span of a hard drive, the reliability will be

Another feature is that SSD is resistant to shock and vibrations, since they don’t have moving parts. You are assured that your data is safe with your SSD Server.

The Decision

Since SSD is more on optimized performance and increased safety and reliability, and this is what I am after. That is why I switch to Windows SSD Server to maximize my tools / scripts. You should realize that since this technology is expensive, only a few of them are utilizing this, PowerUP Hosting for one is using a Windows SSD.

If you really are into performance and reliability, I highly recommend you to get a Windows SSD VPS. You will notice the difference once you run your tools / scripts.

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